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Woodward Elementary

Dekalb County Schools

About Us

About Us

We envision a school where the total learning community makes a commitment to ensure all students are prepared to contribute to society.
The mission of Woodward Elementary School is to ensure academic and personal achievement for all students by creating a collaborative learning community.
 Empowering and inspiring all students to excel as life-long learners.

Woodward, opened in 1958, is located in a densely populated apartment neighborhood along the Buford Highway Corridor and as a result has a richly diverse student population.
School Goals
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate in varied situations.
  • Students will demonstrate sufficient self-esteem to exhibit good social and emotional health and take responsibility for personal growth and development.
  • Students will demonstrate critical thinking, problem solving, and basic literacy skills needed to be effective in their next educational setting.
  • Students will demonstrate basic knowledge of technology by applying their computer skills at home and at school.
  • Students will demonstrate recognition of their unique place and function in the global community.
Unique Assets
The large percentage of children who come to Woodward with limited or no ability to speak English is a challenge to the staff and administration. However, the international population creates an opportunity for unusually rich cultural experiences for all who attend. Children from all over the world learn that harmony and co-operation are possible in any situation as long as respect for each individual is exhibited.