We are so excited about this school year! The 4th graders have already started working hard this year. Please make sure you are checking their STAR folders and signing your child's agenda every night. Here is what your child will be studying now till September.
Math--In Math, students are working on Perimeter and Area and Measurement. Please continue to work with your child in math by having them practice these concepts at home.
Reading--In Reading, many students are beginning a novel study. Ask your child what book they may be reading in class.
Social Studies--We are heading west in Social Studies. Students are studying Westward Expansion. In this unit students will be studying the Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark, The Alamo, Oregon Trail and the California Gold Rush. they will also learn about the Industrial Revolution in this unit, which will go over steamboats and railroads.
Science--Students are finishing their study on light and moving on to force and motion.
Writing--We learning about opinion writing and how to form ideas and write about that idea in organized paragraphs.
Mrs. Hagins, Mrs. Friday, Ms. Halstead, Ms. Hinds, and Ms. Black
Mikella Black
Teacher, Grade 4
Brooke Friday
Teacher, Grade 4
Janet Hagins
Teacher, Grade 4
Debra Halstead
Teacher, Grade 4
Tanya Hinds
Teacher, Grade 4
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